April 2015

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Ah! I can't believe I forgot to post this one earlier this morning!

Clarification for the pedants: Guys, they're casings. The bullets have already done their thing.


I didn't scroll down all the way before I started to read it so the reveal of Hagrid took me by complete suprise. I really like the panel four.
So, did they have bats?
i like hagrid's hair expands to the size of its containing panel
Aw, man. That's just crushing.
For a second I thought it was Rasputin.
Man, that's some crazy-ass Little Batman. I think my favorite part is that he was Batman before his parents got shot.
The hardest part of writing any of this so far has been making the conscious decision to have Batman always have been Batman, even before his parents got shot. I rationalize it by having had Batman always remember himself as Batman, and we're seeing his (obviously batshit) recollections ...

And excellent.
panel 5 is heartwrenching! it says, little batman is a dude who needs a hug.

but who needs hugs when you have hagrid!
I also thought it was Rasputin at first. You should do a Little Batman vs Rasputin The Mad Monk strip. After all, if he's ever going to be a famous Hollywood Monster, he's going to have to start somewhere.

I liked how you updated it from the theater (stage) to the theater (cinema) with Star Wars. Also, the panel with the two bullets and the pearls was excellent.
Except BULLETS NO LONGER HAVE CASINGS ONCE FIRED. Every scene ever staged from a bullet's-eye-view has this awful flaw.

A. Pedantic Git, M.D. (Mrs.)
I hope you're yelling at blackbyrd2 (that hurt to type) for incorrect terminology instead of at Jon for drawing something wrong, 'cause it's clear the comic depicts falling ejected casings not flying bullets.

Your pedantry has turned me into an asshole. This is a lose-lose situation ... unless maybe you got a time machine somewhere.
Most of my friends find it easier to just type BB2 ;)

There's a difference between being a pedant and an asshole. When I do it, it's pedantry. ;)
The truth is Mama Batman was wearing a pearls-and-bullets necklace the night she was murdered.
I'm going to take the out offered by misterscarecrow and agree that they're casings, not bullets.

Which means I'll take the bullet for the terminology error and blame it on laziness. (ar ar ar)
just. so. awesome.
You do a really good job of making it clear that Lil Batman remembers himself in costume always, not that he was in costume actually. That's neat.
Oops, sorry there dryponder, I did not mean to pester you, just Jon!

Holy Bullet Casings, Batman!

Okay, frame 4 with the bullets still in the casings. The comments about this upthread notwithstanding -- great piece of subtle humor requiring a long back story. I prayed that they would miss Little Batman and take out Wonder Woman in the background.

That panel made me guffaw once out loud sitting all alone.

I can see the Harry Potter connection... I, personally, prefer the Wizard of Oz connection, however:

Aww. I love love love the mix of really, really sad and funny.