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April 2015

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So, after having spent the week showing off my Superman redesigns for the upcoming Project:Rooftop - Man of Style contest, the time has come to decide which one to submit.

In the case of multiple entries from a single designer, only one can move on to the finals round, so I need to make a decision about which one is the awesomest. I know which one I plan on submitting (all three will be submitted, but I can earmark only one for the actual judging), but nonetheless I thought I'd get the popular vote on it (so please, only vote if you are popular, thanks*).

The designs again are:
- Fourth World / Sun God Superman
- Phantom Zone / Underworld Superman
- Man of Tomorrow / Big Blue Boy Scout Superman

And now, as though I had list-based echolalia:

Which Superman should I submit to Project:Rooftop?

Fourth World/Sun God Superman
Phantom Zone/Underworld Superman
Man of Tomorrow/Big Blue Boy Scout Superman

Thanks folks!

* You know, I wrote that as a quicky joke, but I gather from reading some'a your journals that SOME of you actually have such low self-esteem that you'd very likely take it seriously. Here is my clarification: You may vote in this poll even if you, yourself, are not popular. It's just that your vote won't be as good-looking and successful as all the other votes.


Man of Tomorrow is the one closest to what I'd do, but Fourth World is better and shows why you should always avoid doing what I would do. Seeing as I'm not an artist or anything.
Duly noted!
Do they read your explanations, or judge you on the illustration alone?

Also fuck people with that little self-esteem.
I'm not sure if they read any descriptions. I know that one of the judges actually reads my journal, so he's been seeing the stuff as I write it out, and I did send a summary of the costume (about 1/10th of what was written in the LJ entries) along with each one, so if they do read 'em they've got the material. I'll axe about it.

I just don't like people with low self-esteem because they're all so stupid and fat and they can't do anything right.
I found the essay accompanying the Fourth World Supes fascinating, 'cause I enjoy finding out about the thought processes behind, well, most any creative endeavor.
I like man of tomorrow but it reminds me too much of the Red Son design so I went with Phantom Zone/Underworld.

War of the I Dunno icons!

Interesting, thanks for letting me know your reasoning!

Re: War of the I Dunno icons!

I should clarify, I like this in the way that it's the way the Red Son design SHOULD have been done. I think the resemblance to that design might hurt the chances that this design would be picked though in the contest.

This is my favorite of the bunch though.
I liked Phantom Zone best but I voted for the happy one. Also, I'm popular.
Probably because you're thin!
Yeah, well, you won't catch me eating franks-n-olives, that's for sure.
97% fat-free all-beef kosher! Let's hear it for the Heeb Nash!
I picked Sun God Guy because I thought that was the most complete and thoughtful design. Superman should always be crackin' chainz w/his biceps, though.
I know, I actually feel like he shoulda been breaking chains in the Sun God pic ...
Tough call: I'm torn between 4th World and Phantom Zone. 4th World because it's thorough, of course, and a great design to boot; Phantom Zone because it turns the premise of the contest on its head. With Phantom Zone Supes you have designed the Anti-Superman, or actually the Absence of Superman. The Scout is cute (and I love the logo) but I don't think it's a strong as the other two.

I'm not a comic book person but the first time I saw the Phantom one I said, "WOW." And then I saw it again later and still thought WOW, so it got my vote!
Where is my cop-out "I vote for all of them" option?! Won't anyone think of the indecisive geeks? (sob, cry)

Barring that, I chose Phantom Supes because he uh, mirrors my angst? By which I mean, no he doesn't, but I'll be damned if it's not the best, boldest "dark" Supes I've ever seen. 4th-Worldface might be a safer bet in terms of winnability, but Phantomface stands out.

And I was popular last Friday! (My vote is fashionable but is nursing a headache and looks a little wasted?)
I never did elaborate on my choice, but I got the feeling that you really poured your heart into the Sun God Superman, not only in the essay leading up to the art but the graphic itself (which led to the rather goofy mental image of you having it printed on a t-shirt so you could dramatically reveal it under a jacket). Plus, on an aesthetic level, I just plain love the way the gold armor turned out. Gorgeous! (An additional comment from my husband Dan: "Even the blue pants look warm in this color scheme.")

The Underworld Superman is well-executed and the story is interesting, but without the context of regular Superman, it doesn't really have the same resonance-- if I saw it without explanation on a comic cover, I'd think "Huh, neat new hero. Is he supposed to be another Kryptonian?"

The Man of Tomorrow's a solid design, but yes it does make me think of Red Son somewhat. I think it'll go over well with people but it's not as exciting as the Sun God.
The Phantom Zone one I think has more of a chance of being memorable in the competition, so that's the one I went with.
With the Fourth World design, I was in love with the colors. The Phantom Zone design is all spectacular contrast. I think it's abundantly clear that you've put a lot of thought into this, much more than I would. For my money though, as much as I like the Fourth World design, I think I prefer the Phantom Zone character better.

One of the principal problems with Clark, as a character, is that he is the be all, end all, superman. It's tough to plot a story that really challenges him without dooming the entire planet to collateral damage. Because of that, I believe the Phantom Zone journey would present a more compelling character and story, and indeed, contrast better with the living Superman.

Then again, I'm one of those dark hero wonks a lot of the time.