The Louis Pasteur of Junkiedom (calamityjon) wrote,
So, after having spent the week showing off my Superman redesigns for the upcoming Project:Rooftop - Man of Style contest, the time has come to decide which one to submit.

In the case of multiple entries from a single designer, only one can move on to the finals round, so I need to make a decision about which one is the awesomest. I know which one I plan on submitting (all three will be submitted, but I can earmark only one for the actual judging), but nonetheless I thought I'd get the popular vote on it (so please, only vote if you are popular, thanks*).

The designs again are:
- Fourth World / Sun God Superman
- Phantom Zone / Underworld Superman
- Man of Tomorrow / Big Blue Boy Scout Superman

And now, as though I had list-based echolalia:

Which Superman should I submit to Project:Rooftop?

Fourth World/Sun God Superman
Phantom Zone/Underworld Superman
Man of Tomorrow/Big Blue Boy Scout Superman

Thanks folks!

* You know, I wrote that as a quicky joke, but I gather from reading some'a your journals that SOME of you actually have such low self-esteem that you'd very likely take it seriously. Here is my clarification: You may vote in this poll even if you, yourself, are not popular. It's just that your vote won't be as good-looking and successful as all the other votes.
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