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April 2015

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I have come up with a meme. Here's how it works:

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. Select your language and choose the Random Article link
3. Use the topic on the resulting page as the basis for a thematically-obsessed Batman villain.

You can use this image to introduce your new Bat-villain to the world at large. I've already done a few:

I dunno, I thought it was funny ...

(PS, I'm using Letter-O-Matic from Blambot fonts. Please don't use Comic Sans, it is awful)


You are a mad genius.
"holographic optical trapping" (!)
...sounds like a sinister superpower if there ever was one.

I have to say it again ...

Why So Serious .... about dividing Krakow into 18 administrative districts, each with a degree of municipal autonomy?

Re: I have to say it again ...


The umulauts, I had to add by hand

Yes, I got that first try.

Re: The umulauts, I had to add by hand

Ha haaaaaa!
Fuck all you guys with graphics editing software at the office, that's what I say.
I didn't know how to translate the page I got, so I just cheated in stead.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Thumbs up for cheating!

The script for this issue halfway wrote itself in the five minutes it took me to make the graphic...
You have to wonder what exactly the threatening message was ...
Also, my hat is off to the drunk who set up the machine that puts the blue ink where it's supposed to go, however that works.
Man, I love that stuff. Les McClaine has a great tutorial on how to make your own coloring look as shitty and ham-handed as the above example ...
I used "Encyclopedia Dramatica" for source material instead of Wikipedia. I also didn't make it into an image, because of reasons.

"Batman, we've received a threatening message at Police Headquarters from your nemesis, Grieving Jew!"

"Yes, a twisted genius who is obsessed with when a company tries to get some hardcore lulz by firing people and liquidating assets."

Blambot fonts failed in Gimp for Mac X11, alas

Here via Mr. Krull.

In This Issue: Batman Beats Up a Nerd


I wasn't gonna make one, but I clicked on the random entry link, and I kinda had to.

First one

Second one

Third one