April 2015

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Hourly Comic ...

So, some folks were recently doing something called an hourly comic, the idea being that you drew a short comic each hour of your waking day. Since I'm trying to do more comics this year (resolution #4 or something), I took time out of my Saturday to draw one up. Completed some of the inks and scanned it last night (which was probably breaking the rules, but what are you going to do, sic the hourly comic police on me?), and put together twenty of them into teensy tiny little minicomics for the Friends of the Nib and Drink N Draw (which is this Friday!) crowds.

Anyway, boy, what a fascinating introduction! I bet you're practically salivating to read the thing now! Oh boy. Can you stand the uproarious thrills and outrageous laffs of a Saturday in the life of Calamity Jon Morris, unemployed fat stupid man? Pregnant women, young children and people with heart conditions should check with their doctors before reading this comic. Please keep your arms and legs inside the panel borders and, please, no smoking or flash photography.


Fantastic Jon! I'll have to record my (pretty) crappy version of the Bewlay Brothers sometime! Maybe we should collab!
Man, I'd love to hear it. And someday I wanna do an all-cigar box instrument version of Jesus Christ Superstar, you in?


This is awesome. And the "cartoonist" who made the front page of the Times is a notoriously whiny TCJ messageboard poster who could in all likelihood be a PoE exhibit, so don't take it hard. You will find a job! I am always keeping my ear to the ground for stuff for you.

Re: T

Well, I ain't worried about him, per se, as much as seeing a huge color photo on the front page of the big local newspaper of a dude all lying amidst a giant pile of finished artwork made me think about all the work I ain't been doing, and should be. ANd from there comes my wellspring of insecurities, to be sure.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. Oh, and I thought EVERY poster on the TCJ message boards was a whiny potential PoE exhibit...
heehee I love it! I read it twice and it makes me want to make my own!
(you should see if any of your local print shops need a graphics person. It's actually a pretty great job for a cartoonest. I get to print out my minis for free!)
Man, you should make one!

I am very tempted to try print shops, but the pay at those places ... you know, I'm lucky to not be in any serious debt and to own both my and my wife's cars outright, but I still worry about making ends meet ...
well, that's kind of the greatest thing ever.

I have a new upstairs neighbor as of last weekend who is quickly becoming a Colleen...
If you're anything like me, then, you'll soon be cursing her heart. Cursing it to die.

stalking time for the moonboys

Jon Morris: he's Chameleon, Comedian, Corinthian and Caricature.

Also, he likes bunnies.

Re: stalking time for the moonboys

That really is a great song.
What, The Bewlay Brothers? I fucking KNOW! It's AWESOME!
You just crushed all hourly comics in one mighty paw (the same such that gently pets bunnies).
Well, I dunno about that, but thanks much anyway! The competition on these things is stiff.

Also I like how your head gets smaller as it gets later in the day. Possibly a metaphor!

I hope you get a job so you can stay there at least until Aprils, so we can get drunk together.
I may not have a job, but I'll at least be drunk.

Kate was highly amused by how stumpy and squat my little arms are in the weightlifting panel ...
I love this story!

And don't worry your head about the front page cartoonist.
Well, like I say, I'm not so much worried about the guy as his filled-with-finished-art picture was the spark of a gestation of horrible insecurities ...
I continue to adore every picture that you draw of you and Kate.
Man, me too! I have another Jon & Kate comic I ought to ink tonight.

also that is my favorite Elvis Costello song

Man, it bums me out when dudes who are way better at doing something than me are themselves bummed out that some other dude is supposedly better at this thing than them. If that makes any sense, linguistically or socially. To hell with the Little Hater, yr stuff is super-top-notch.

Re: also that is my favorite Elvis Costello song

Thanks man, and I actually don't know how good this guy is - I just saw a guy with a lot of art around him and started fretting about my own capacity to produce, you know, anything ...
I relate to this in almost every way possible. I have a job, but barely. Everything else I'm pretty much right there with you.

Also, the "Bewlay Brothers" is great and everything, but man, do you realise that "Life on Mars?" is on that album, for crying out loud. That album, which is chock full of great songs could just be called "Life on Mars?" and have ten tracks of "Life on Mars?" and it would probably be my favorite album ever.
Man, I fuckin' know. Like, I don't even understand ... how can you ... like ... okay, let's say you are a guy who is making an album, and a guy gives you The Bewlay Brothers, and you're like, well, man, that is the whole album right, and the guy is like no, here also is Queen Bitch and Oh You Pretty Things, and you're like surely this is THREE albums now man, but he's like wait, here is Life on Mars, and then you are like oh my holy god is this all albums ever, and he says no, it is one album that is very very good.

I loved that :)
I just can't get enough of your stuff.... nice to know those kinda doubts plague talented people too.
What th - man, do not even be like that, because you are the guy who is like way better at drawing than I am hands down. I checked.
Jon, you are an ace cartoonist. I think it would be the most if you could have a regular web comic read by millions, that let you fly your nerd flag high, yet its premise didn't require you to have a sarcastic, sentient toaster as a roommate.

Also, I once dreamed I was at an Elvis Costello show and he couldn't remember the beginning of "Accidents Will Happen" but somehow I knew what song he was going for so I got up and helped him with it (on a glass harmonica) and afterwards he gave me a check for $200.
Did you... are you... LazyTown???
It's a piece of cake to prep a roast of pork .... so you don't get trichino-o-osis ...
Shanks! Oh, and do I have the right email for you? Are you getting any of the secret mails I am sending to you?
hah this was great. i am loving these hourlies
My life is suing yours for copyright infringement.

Also, great comic.


Oh my, I love this. So much cuter than American Splendor.
I wish all blogs/facebook/myspace entries were like this. How inspiring.
I drew a dalek for my daily drawing today. What synchronicity.
Bewlay Brothers is a personal fave. Somewhere on my LJ I have a Bowie as Bond drawing. Bowie should be Bond at least once. But a younger, less Andy Warhol-like Bowie.

So awesome! Also, you draw Kate with such adorability that it almost completely conveys the original.
Man, some day I gotta finish this drawing I started of her in her dance costume...
Whaaat Jon this is amazing. Best thing I've ever seen.
Thanks, lady!
Calamityjon, you CAN knit your own Dalek.

(Also this comic is pretty great. I think you should do this more!)
Jesus you are adorable.