April 2015

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Happy Valentine's Day, Cocksuckers.

Care to share these with the ones you love? Of course you would. It'll be quite a motherfuckin' Valentines Day for you and yours. 300dpi versions: Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.


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These are the funniest goddamned things I've seen in my entire life.
And yet you even have the redubbed Spider-Man comics as an icon!
God, I miss this show.
Man, I'm sort of embarassed that you saw me using so many swears.

I miss the show too. Wish to heck we could get that fourth season.
I-- You-- Holy fucking-- Wow, man. Thanks for sharing these with us hoopleheads.
Many times, that's what the fuck life is... one vile fucking Livejournal entry after another.
oh my god you are... you are the best thing ever. ever ever ever ever ever. oh my god.
Let's not detract attention from the cards, they're the stars here.
Thanks! I agree, for some reason I can't stop looking at 'em, and I made 'em ...
I do try, thanks!
Oh how I wish I could give these out at work. How I wish that so very much.
DO IT! I made that second one with you in mind.
Jesus Christ, those are fucking hilarious.
The comedy potential of Deadwood is surprisingly limitless
very cool
My parents would have been disappointed with anything less than that, so you just spared me a spanking!
Those are simply excellent
My hat is off to you.
I noticed! Thanks!
A hilarious reminder that maybe I should watch this goddamn show finally.
Are you serious? Yes, you should! Just so you can blueball at the end of the series like the rest of us.
I've already read them three times and now think I will get NO work done today. Maybe I'll just print them out and keep them with me so I may quietly giggle in private.
"Heavens. It’s all like some great Greek battle."
Christ al-fucking-mighty, Jon! Awesome.
Truly amazing. Must rewatch whole series again
Putting these together had the same effect on me, I'm gonna watch Season 1 again this weekend ...
Man, that looks like a good show.
Incredible! Oh man.
Nothng really expresses devotion, romance and eternal, undying love like a Valentine reading "Cocksuckaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
These are made of pure awesome.
You made my fuckin' day. I think I'll spend the weekend with Al, in fact.
Wandered in via JD Rhodes' blog. Those are fucking marvelous. Thank you!
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