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April 2015

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25 Random Facts About Me

For the record, between Livejournal and Facebook, I've been tagged twenty-two times for this meme. Each of those should count for one random fact, and I can coast on the remaining three.


I'll try!
Nice! I dig it :D
Thanks man!
What is it the kids say today to indicate that something is superlatively good? This is that.
I believe they say it's "Bouncey-Housin'" Like, "That girl is straight bouncy-housin', gee!"
Man, I wish that were true.
Man, what a great way to deal with this annoying meme. Also, dude, #6 -- are... are you Centralia?!
The setting of Silent Hill was based on Jon.
I've been to Centralia. I get that.
Having not ever visited Centralia I still find myself capable of getting it.
I just think you are capable of getting it because you are so damn hamsum.
Also, I plan to start replying to all attractive people as "capable of getting it."

I kept a list of what I pulled from the random article generator, just to see if people could guess 'em correctly. No points for guessing the Starrior panel, because that came from the, you know, entry on Starriors.
Seriously, though.
I know, right?
Best version of this meme I've seen.
Have you seen the all-nude Bollywood version? That's something.
In fact, it's straight bouncy-housin'.
Seen it? I'm in it.
Awesome! #11 is giving me nightmares. At least, I think that's what these kinda dreams are called... First you feel all tingly, you know, down there.
What, Australia?
Most definitely WINN (2 'n's worth!) in both content and presentation!
Awesome. #17 is perfect.
I have to keep scrolling up to see which ones are which ones ...
FOUR! Now I'll do one ...


Wait, that makes no sense.
Y'know, the meme is 25 things people might not know about you, and I'm plenty familiar with your Mauritanian execution.

Seriously though, this is the tops.
Well, at least you learned 24 other interesting facts.
Fact: only Calamity Jon can prevent forest fires!
Fact: Calamity Jon uses a phosphorescent angler to attract prey!
Fact: I loved your comic answers to this meme!
If only I could prevent forest fires, then the forests are pretty much screwed.
couldnt you just use the big compressing tongue to put them out? also my innuendo of the day is now "I'd expand HIS hub if you know what i mean! hur hur hur!"
I'm not sure many of those are true.
Oh, they're all true ...
Great....now I want to draw Starriors...
Go for it, man!
The winner and steel champion of the whirled.

Most excellent.
Random fact: Mic well sum thymes right inn homophones.

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This is great and no, I won't stop tagging you, but I'll stop catching and releasing you back into the wild.
This is awesome.
I really like 10
all of them.
You lead an enchanting life.
#6: Dude, you're Centralia, PA? I've always wanted to see you in person!
You're the man now, dawg.
I like that you are seemingly a man of contradictions, e.g. 4-17, 15-6/20, 23-a list of 24 other things. My other favorite part is the genuine joy you feel from ten points.
Dude! Dude.
Calamity Jon, you are my hero.