The Louis Pasteur of Junkiedom (calamityjon) wrote,


Folk Fact: Notorious mis-labeler Woody Guthrie had a fascist-killing device at home on which he wrote "This machine plays protest music".

Folk Fact: Writing "This Machine Kills Fascists" on his guitar was a warning from Guthrie that he had mastered the deadliest chord, Anti-F.

Folk Fact: To be fair, many fascists possess a wide array of machines which are more than capable of killing protest singers, so it's even.

Folk Fact: Guthrie's first "machine to kill fascists" was an anvil dangling over a sign which read "Free beer for fascists Line starts here"

Folk Fact: One of Hercules' twelve labors was to wrest the fascist-killing guitar from the mighty embrace of the man-god Woody Guthrie.

Folk Fact: The main differences between Woody and Arlo Guthrie are height, presence of wispy beard, and that one of them is unstuck in time.

Folk Fact: Woody Guthrie's guitar not only kills fascists, but has a +5 against dragons, blink dogs and the undead.

Folk Fact: Woody Guthrie's fascist-killing guitar was originally wielded by Captain America, living legend of World War II!

Folk Fact: You should rest at least 2 minutes between reading each of these Folk Facts, so you don't become what doctors call "Fact-Addled"

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