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April 2015

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Today is my wife's and my tenth wedding anniversary. This is us:

Here's us again.

Anyway, I really didn't know that about the dogs and also those are pretty great socks, and also I originally intended to do that top strip as part of my "twelve weekly webcomics intended to coincide with DC Comics' Wednesday Comics Project" which turned out to be "One weeekly webcomic and then I got a job", so, you know, lucky for me that the marriage has turned out so well and I don't have to get by on my reputation as a cartoonist.

You know what my perfect day is? Sleeping in with my wife 'til one in the afternoon on a blustery Sunday. And it has been for ten years...


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Wow! That's fantastic! Congrats to you guys.
Thanks lady!
congrats as well!
These are adorable! Congrats!
Yay, happy anniversay yous guys!
Thanks lady! It's been great!
sweet. congrats!
Oh man, I love these so much. Your strips about you and Kate are some of my favorite stuff you've ever done, man.
I forgot to say congrats! Because COMICS
Man, why can't we have a cable TV show about this Jon & Kate.

Now that I would watch!

Thanks Dalton!
awww. congrats, you two!

I know, it's totally sad about the dogs, isn't it? And thanks!
Happy Anniversary!!! I love the comics, and I agree with your favorite day, but with my husband and not with your wife. ;)
Uh huh.... "Favorite day" alright... It wasn't enough you stole your poor grandpappy's birthday for your nuptials, but you also had to steal mine!
Aww, this is so sweet it kills me!
It'd kill you faster if you were a large dog.
Omg that is too cute. as in actually too cute.

I'ma totally use that squeegee bit.

Happy anniversary to you and Kate, Jon! And thanks for drawing all of US a gift for your anniversary!

Re: I'ma totally use that squeegee bit.

You have to give me copyright credit after the squeegee bit. PS It also works if she's doing her makeup and you say "You got a lot of beautiful all over that mirror" ...
Congratulations on thine heads. Yeah, those nasty little tiny barky dogs last forever. (Now I have "Frank's Wild Years" by Tom Waits in my head. Kaija always quotes it: "..had a little Chihuahua named Carlos that had some kind of skin disease and was totally blind." She does the voice too.)
I'm gonna try'n settle for a middle-sized small dog, like a French bulldog. Or a lhasa apso, my parents usedta breed those and I miss having them around.
Congrats! My wife & I are only a little over a year into out marriage, here's hoping we're still as adorable as you guys in 9 more years :)

Lovely comics, sir!
Thanks, and best wishes to the both of you and all married couples! Keep it up, guys!
top one made me "B'AAAAW!!!" outloud. Kate seems so awesome. More Jon n' Kate comics!!
What did I do? He's the one working the squeegee!
I have said it before, but your comics about your wife (and you, sure, whatever) are my favorite things, even above your Batman stuff. Totally above your Batman stuff. They are writing from an honest-to-god True Place and satisfy in some way that is unmeasurable.

I think that speaks volumes about the relationship you two share.
I agree with this!
I love you, sweetie.
And you are ... ?
Happy Anniversary Jon and Kate!

I'm super happy I know you two!
Hey, same here buddy! Thanks!
Congrats Jon and Kate! (And boy how much do you hate that fucking TV show, I bet, right?)

That is indeed sad about larger dogs. Neither of my dogs made it past 11. Very sad!
We love that show, because it's awesome to see "our" divorce drama playing out in thr tabloids. "Baby! I cheated on you with my production assistant, can you believe it?"
10 years! These comics are a testament to your continued happiness and therefore, quite inspirational. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

If I had a big dog I would name it Roy Batty.

When we get a dog, I plan on naming it "Beans Hambone", and if it's a girl, "Priscilla Beans Hambone".
Aw, congratulations!

And yes, it is sad about the big dogs. My dad seriously considered getting an Irish Wolfhound back when we lived in the house that had more than enough yard for such a big dog, but when the breeder told them they tend to live only seven years on average he decided against it-- "you're just really getting to know them by then!"
Congrats to you two kids!

(German Shepherds can live to be 12 or 13. Our Dax is almost ten and is still quite spry.)
That is good to know, thanks! Although I judge all dogs' lifespans against my lhasa apsos, who got to 16 and 17 and one of 'em mighta gone to twenty but, er, rattlesnakes.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of my absolutely favorite people! I love you both very very much. Hugs and smooches from sunny south Texas.
Thanks lady, and thanks for the help with the anniversary gift!
This is lovely, but I hope you're still getting Kate that tin or aluminum she is owed, as custom demands.
I got her a shed.
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