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April 2015

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Art Show At Howard House - Dec 3

Hey Seattle-area folks,

This upcoming Thursday (December 3) I will be participating in a gallery show of new art for the Friends of the Nib at the Howard House gallery on 2nd Avenue (near James St). As part of the show opening, and to coincide with the First Thursday art event, I'll be participating in a live drawing thingie ... specifics yet unknown, but whatever the case, I'll be at the gallery drawing stuff along with some of the other Nibsters, probably starting around 7pm.

It'd be great to see any of you Seattle-area folks there. I and many of the Friends of the Nib will have pieces available for purchase, including work by the acclaimed Jim Woodring.

The show only runs from December 3 through December 5, so get in there quick-like!

Hope to see you there!

Howard House (http://www.howardhouse.net) is located at 604 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98104; (206) 256-6399.


I will be there in spirit!

Also, I just have to tell you how happy your new icon makes me. Every time I see it I remember the comment about how he's way too excited to hear that the children are home alone, and I get all giggly.
Man, I wish I could come see it. Hope it goes well!
I'll be there, you betcha.
Any word on the scuttlebutt that there'll be live drawing at other times during the show?
Man, I really have no idea ...