April 2015

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Emerald City Comicon

Today is the first day of the Emerald City Comicon, and my first event appearance in many a year. If you’re attending, please swing by Table D-17 in Artists Alley and say “hi” – I’ll be giving away some free Jeremy buttons, selling both Jeremy books and original art, and will have a plethora of goodies for as little as a buck, including comics, minicomics and custom-drawn pie. I know, it sounds like a dream, but I will honestly draw you a pie for a dollar. What a deal!


Also, as a special for Emerald City, I’ve finally arranged to sell both Jeremy: The Complete Strip Collection and Jeremy:Frankenstein Begin Again as digital downloads for a meager two bucks each!


If you’ve already been by the booth and you’re visiting my site for the first time: Welcome! Here are some other places where you can find me and projects in which I’m involved:

  • I post regular updates and occasional nonsense to my Twitter account.
  • I am the author of Gone&Forgotten, a blog dedicated to the most forgettable moments in comics.
  • I also curate CORNERED, a blog dedicated to artists redrawing those little corner boxes that used to be all the rage in comics.
  • With my pal Adam Watson, I organize the Seattle Drink ‘n’ Draw every Wednesday night, and special events.
  • And lastly, I’m a member of the Seattle-based sketchgroup, The Bureau of Drawers.


Finally, if you have visited my table in Artists Alley already, I’d just like to prove that I did indeed really invent Batman.


Sort of.

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So I can buy a picture of a pie for a dollar? Is there...any limit on this pie sale?
No limit on pie sale. So the elders have spoken.