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April 2015

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Okay, that is adorable.
For someone that doesn't like Batman, you sure do a good job with Batman.
Man, Little Batman! My heart says "yes" to you.
Look at Little Batman whale on Jones!
Or not. I was speaking that he was thrashing Killer Croc. Thus, whale. Waling, sure, but also whaling. SO THERE CALAMITY JON.

Wale v. Whale v. Wail

Man, we have been having this argument forEVER.
This is my favorite of these yet.
Don't judge yet, there's three more comin' ...
I'm in love with this cartoon.

But soon: civil unions for people and cartoons. It's a step.
Jon, there has GOT to be a publishing venue for this. Maybe as a backup feature in one of the DC books that's based on a cartoon or something. SHOP IT!
Mebbe when the last three are colored, I'll send 'em to the DC offices.
There's THREE MORE?!

You made me use bad grammar, I'm so happy!
Everything about this is awesome.
How y'liking Croc's uncolored tongue?
His uncolored tongue is especially awesome.
Don't judge too hastily, there's more to come.
This comic is made of epic win!

Let's get you a nap

This comic's Awesome tucks me in and tells me everything's gonna be ok.

Minor Crit: Maybe shift Croc down a little bit so his waistline doesn't get lost with the horizon? Or actually, shift the background up so his foot don't get cut off? Right now, the way he blends in the the horizon loses some of the energy of his rampage.
These fucking rawk so hard!
FINALLY! A Batman craft project!

I may just have to reward you with a Make Your Own Jawa Sandcrawler craft!
If DC made comics like this, I would read DC comics. :(

Great work. :)

<----- Would buy it.

Is this an oversized book yet????
Batman's craft corner is AWESOME. And I like that he gave Killer Croc a hug. Hugs solve everything.
THIS needs to be one of the 52 alternate DC universes.
Little known fact*: Batman is swatting croc with the Tucson Citizen.

*Because I just made it up.
This might be the single greatest thing on the internet. I love it so hard.
Jon, your work is so brilliant.... I've been thrilling to your blog for years now.

You've got the most fun, charming and engaging style of drawing I think I've ever seen. Thanks for making my web travels so enjoyable...!
AW MAN, THANKS RINGO! That means just a crazy amount coming from you, I've been a huge fan of your work ever since ... man, lemme think, at least The Flash, and definitely since Tellos. Also, the Spider-Man and the FF series is just fantastic!

So yeah, thanks man!
Little Batman is quickly replacing Jeremy as my favorite of your cartoons.
I like to believe that "being tired" can absolve you of any crime.

I want to live in that world.
This is so very good.